The illustrated reference work "Russians in California"


The Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco has issued the first volume of an illustrated reference work “Russians in California” on materials stored in our archive.

The Archive was created by the efforts of generations of Russian emigrants after the loss in 1945 of the famous Russian Archive in Prague. Museum staff see it as their duty to bring to the younger generation the history and courage of Russian emigrants – so that they see themselves as a part of the century-old culture and take pride in their predecessors.

We are making an emphasis on brevity and maximally expressive illustrations. It consists of 20 articles in both Russian and English about Russian organizations and associations in California. The first volume of our illustrated brochure focuses on the early period of Russians’ activities in California. The texts are accompanied by 177 illustrations, consisting of rare archival photographs and documents.

Information about obtaining this collection of articles may be received by calling the Museum or writing a letter to