17th Meeting of the Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, August 23, 2014


The meeting began with Museum volunteer F. Zeibot’s account of how materials were received into the NTS (National Alliance of Russian Solidarists) collection. He accompanied his overview of the collection with an on-screen demonstration of rare documents, printed matter and photographs, including those of NTS members who perished during underground operations in the USSR.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to viewing a video recording of the Russian “Freedom Rally” march of June 14, 1980 in San Francisco. The recording preserves the image of the Russian tricolor flying on that day on a flagpole in front of San Francisco’s City Hall next to the flags of the United States and California. This video recording was transferred to the Museum by G. V. Kumansky, who provided commentary during the screening. March participants demanded freedom for prisoners archpriest D. Dudko and I. Ogurtsov.

Museum volunteer E. Ivannkova supplemented the preceding information with an account of the activities of I. Ogurtsov, who founded and headed the secret organization “All-Russian Social-Christian Union for the Liberation of the People in 1964 in Leningrad.

We thank everyone who supports our Museum and comes to our meetings.

The full version of this article appeared in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, September 6, 2014, №14267