18th Meeting of the Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, October 18, 2014


At the meeting’s start Y. Franquien donated to the Museum watercolors and sketches, which had been kept in his family archive, by the outstanding artist Anatolio Sokoloff.

E. I. Yakoubovsky-Lerke (née Brajnik) based her account of the 40-year-long history of the Russian High School in Paris on her personal reminiscences and those of her schoolmate E. Stefanovich-Roussel, as well as on materials from the archives of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville.

The next presentation, by L. Andreeva, was about the results of the restoration work she carried out (jointly with T. Savina) on portraits of Emperor Nicholas II and his spouse Alexandra Fedorovna. Since they were executed on tin by means of chromolithography, a great deal of skill and patience was required to restore the images of the young reigning couple.

At the meeting’s conclusion L. K. Krassovsky donated to the Museum a number of valuable materials, including an illustrated edition of K. I. Chukovsky’s short poems (Berlin, 1922).

The full version of this article appeared in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, October 25, 2014, №14274