22nd Meeting of Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, December 5, 2015


The meeting began with a moment of silence in memory of recently departed Yurii Andreevich Tarala.

The date for the 22nd meeting was not chosen randomly. Exactly 70 years ago the Russian historical archives located abroad in Prague had been transferred to the U.S.S.R. This prompted Russian emigrants to create the archives in San Francisco.

However, the Slavic library, also created in Prague by Russian emigrants, survives to this day. Its director Lukas Babka, who was invited to this meeting by the Museum’s board, talked about the history and current activities of the Slavic library.

Also present at the meeting of Friends of the Museum was E. Kasinec, the former head of the Slavo-Baltic department of the New York public library, who was instrumental in obtaining the first grants for the systematic description of the unique collections of the Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco in the early 1980’s.

The Museum of Russian Culture extends heartfelt thanks to all who support its activities.

The full version of this article appeared in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, December 12, 2015, №14329.

Lukas Babka, Presentation, December 5, 2015 .