32nd Meeting of Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, November 10, 2018


From the invitation to the 32nd meeting:

– William Grant will give a presentation “Journey of the General Manager of Verkh-Isetsk Mining District Yakov Pogrebnyak and his historical tablecloth from Yekaterinburg after 1917 revolution”, based on memoirs of his father and grandfather. The journey includes Yekaterinodar, St. Petersburg, Izium (Kharkov Governorate), Bogoslovsk (Turyinskiye Rudniki settlement, Perm Governorate), Verkh-Isetsk (near Yekaterinburg), Tyumen (Tobolsk Governorate), Tobolsk, Vladivostok, Kyoto, and San Francisco.

In 1918 Yakov Pogrebnyak lived ½ mile from Ipatiev house and helped investigators to remove water from local mines when they tried to find the bodies of the murdered Tsar and his family.

– This summer our Museum’s volunteers Laura Filimonova and Larisa Andreeva visited the Museum of the family of the Emperor Nicholas II in Tobolsk in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the tragedy in Yekaterinburg. They have also visited many other museums in Tobolsk and Tyumen. L. Filimonova and L. Andreeva will share impressions on their interesting trip.

Published in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, December 22, 2018 RL 2018.12.22.