36th Meeting of Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, February 8, 2020


From the invitation to the 36th meeting:

– Alexander Kugushev will give a talk “My Three grandfathers. About the three historical options open to Russia in 1900”. Alexander was born in France to White Russian parents, educated in Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, and Argentina. In 2011 Alexander Kugushev published memoirs by his mother Anna Lapinskaia «Under the wheel of history».

– Laura Filimonova, Museum’s volunteer, will give a presentation “The assistance to Russian military invalids of the First World War in exile”. It is based on 13 boxes of these materials, collected in our archive during 70 years.

These presentations will be in Russian accompanied with slides in English.

Published in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, February 15, 2020 RL 2020.02.15.