The Vladivostok Friends of Maria Gazenbush.


Olga Kachina published the article entitled “The Vladivostok Friends of Maria Gazenbush.” It is the second article in the series “Getting to Know Collections of the Museum-Archive”. The article tells about the fates of children of well-known citizens of pre-revolutionary Vladivostok. Materials for the article came from the collections of Irina Podstavina and Yves Franquien of the Museum-Archive of Russian Culture in San Francisco.

Ольга Александровна Качина. Знакомясь с коллекциями Музея архива. Владивостокские друзья Марии Газенбуш // Русская жизнь. Сан-Франциско, 12, 26 июня 2021.

Key words: V.A. Planson, G.V. Podstavin, P.V. Rimskii-Korsakov, N.M. Soloviev, E. I.Dinsberg, V.A. Panov.