The 100th Anniversary of the End of the Civil War in the Russian Far East


On October 15, 2022, a meeting took place at the Russian Center in San Francisco of descendants of participants in the Civil War in the Russian Far East, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of its end. Many of them ended up in California.

The Board of Russian Center, the Congress of Russian-Americans, the Russian-American Women’s League, and the Museum of Russian Culture are grateful to those who were able to take part in this event.

Before the start of the event.

Participants of the October 15, 2022 meeting.

N. Sabelnik, Congress of Russian Americans chairperson of the board of directors, opens the meeting.

Audra Caton, great-granddaughter of Admiral Kliupfel (the first chairman of the board of directors of the Association of Former Members of the Imperial Russian Fleet in San Francisco), as well as great-granddaughter of Nicholas Minitsky, an officer of the Siberian Flotilla.

Audra Caton distributes commemorative patches with the flag of St. Andrew to event participants.

The presentation of independent historian Olga KachinaEvacuation of the White Siberian Flotilia (1922-2022)”.

On the screen is a painting by Boris Evert.

Tombstone of Dmitry Dmitrievich Kritsky at Serbian Cemetery, Colma (near San Francisco).

Julia Villar, granddaughter of Siberian Flotilla seaman Ivan Tarakanov.

Orr Chistiakoff-Yankovsky – great-grandson of the owner of the private steamship company of M. Shevelev in Vladivostok, whose ships were used temporarily by the Siberian Flotilla during its departure.

Presented by O. Kachina: рanoramic photograph of Vladivostok, ca. 1914, gifted to our Museum by the daughter of lieutenant senior grade B. P. Heiskanen, commander of the ship “Farvater”, and preserved for 100 years by the family in California. Holding the frame in part is Ivan Podvalov, our guest from Los Angeles and member of the Congress of Russian Americans.

Presentation by Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco vice-president Yves Franquien. Postcards of Vladivostok published in 1922 (from the collection of the Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco).

On the screen is a unique item from the exhibit hall of the Museum of Russian Culture – a reduced variant of the banner of a detachment of marines of the Siberian Flotilla, which supported the Provisional Priamur Government. The Siberian Flotilla remained loyal to this government. Gift from G. V. Kumansky.

Rear admiral G. K. Stark and Captain N. Iu. Fomin in Genzan (Korea). November 1922. (From the collection of the Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco)

The book “The Last White General. Oral memoirs, articles, letters, and documents of V. M. Molchanov”. Compiled by Lada Tremsina, member of the board of directors of the Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco. Published by “AIRIS-PRESS” (Moscow) in 2012.