9th Meeting of the Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, June 11, 2011


At the start of the meeting M. Meniailenko shared impressions about her trip to the East Coast for the exchange of experience in organizing archives. The presentation was accompanied by photographs by A. Ranskaya.

Museum President N. A. Koretsky showed a rare edition from the archive’s library – the English translation of E. E. Ukhtomsky’s “Journey to the East of His Imperial Highness the Heir Tsesarevich, 1890-1891”, with illustrations by artist and ethnographer N. N. Karazin and photographs by V. D. Mendeleev.

M. Meniailenko’s presentation was devoted to a unique document from the collection of A. S. Loukashkin, a manuscript excerpt in the artistic and calligraphic hand of Alexei Remizov from his literary work “Posolon” (Sunward).

At the meeting’s conclusion, G.B. Pishenin, member of Association of Former Russian Cadets in San Francisco, donated to the museum two perfectly preserved First World War posters.

The full version of this article appeared in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, June 25th, 2011, #14118
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