11th Meeting of the Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, March 10, 2012


Elena Danielson, honorary patron of our Museum and archivist-emeritus of the Hoover Institution Archives, shared her experience of archival work and the ethics of an archivist. She made a present to the museum of her book “The Ethical archivist”, published in Chicago in 2010.

L. Tremsina presented the results of her study and description of the archival collection “Russian Emigration in the Far East”: documents from the Shanghai Union of Russian Army and Navy Servicemen and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Armed Services Union and letters of outstanding figures of the Russian military emigration. These documents are introduced into scientific circulation for the first time. L. Tremsina asked the participants of the meeting, many of whom lived in Harbin and Shanghai, to help the Museum in the further collection of materials.

N. Ananeva presented the results of her inventorying some recently received literature on the activities of the Russian Operetta in San Francisco.

N. Hidchenko presented the Museum a gift from A.D. Kochnev (Alex D. Kennedy), who lives in Milwaukie (Oregon). It consists of Captain V. D. Zhiganov’s album “Russians in Shanghai” (1936), in an expensive, well-preserved binding, and V. D. Zhiganov’s rare book “Confessions of a White Emigrant” (1946).

N. Hidchenko donated to the Museum expensive editions in Russian of Shakespeare (1902) and Byron (1904), issued in St. Petersburg.

The full version of this article appeared in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, March 24th, 2012, #14152
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