31st Meeting of Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, June 18, 2018


From the invitation to the 31st meeting:

This time we will have а special event in commemoration of the* 95th anniversary of the arrival of USAT Merritt on July 1, 1923 at Angel Island* with 526 Russian refugees from Vladivostok via the Philippines. The event is organized by Euginia Nikonenko-Bailey. Her parents were among those Russian refugees. See the enclosed program for details.

These speakers will share information about this historic journey …
- Margarita Meniailenko – Words of Welcome
- Yves Franquen – Siberian Flotilla and Admiral Yuri Stark
- Eugenia Bailey – Voyage of the USAT Merritt
- Masha Sakovich – Admission to Angel Island and Finding Help in San Francisco
- Olga Kachina – Acclimation of refugees…

Original invitation from Eugenia Bailey (Invitation).

Published in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, June 30, 2018 RL 2018.06.30.