33rd Meeting of Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, February 9, 2019


From the invitation to the 33rd meeting:

– George Schiller will give a presentation, based on 12 volumes of memoirs written by his grandfather Adolf Schiller: “Судьба семьи Шиллеров за 30 мин (первый московский дом с лифтом, выброшенные рояли, из драгунов в священники, пятеро выживших детей из двенадцати)”

– 100 years ago in August 1918 one of the biggest uprisings against the Bolsheviks started in Izhevsk and Votkinsk, where the weapon production factories of the Russian Empire were located. A presentation “Ижевцы и Воткинцы в Сан-Франциско (к 100-летию Ижевско-Воткинского восстания)”, based on our Museum’s collection will be given by Lada Tremsina.

Published in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, February 23, 2019 RL 2019.02.23.