34th Meeting of Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, May 4, 2019


From the invitation to the 34th meeting:

– Maria Sakovich will present “Russian Choral Music in San Francisco in the 1920s and 1930s: Cultural Riches and Cultural Sharing”. Several sheets of handwritten music that belonged to her grandfather, the Very Rev. Vladimir Sakovich, lead to the discovery of a “golden age” of Russian choral music in San Francisco. Such an abundance has not occurred since.

– Igor Sazevich (born in San Francisco in 1929) will give a presentation “A Memoir of an Architect and Painter in Old San Francisco”, based on his just published book. He grew up in San Francisco amid artists, married into the Golitsyn (Galitzine) Family with connections to the Imperial Romanoff Family, studied architecture at UC Berkeley. The descriptions of his projects add color and details to the times and locations where they all happened.

Published in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, June 8, 2019 RL 2019.06.08.