6th Meeting of the Friends of the Museum of Russian Culture, October 8, 2010


Guest Maria Sakovich, granddaughter of Vladimir Sakovich (a well-known missionary worker in America since 1913), presented the results of her research on Russian entrepreneurship in San Francisco in the 1920s-1930s.

S. Marehcek showed the result of his work on a big screen – a site-specific proxy that gives great possibilities for updating the website www.mrcsf.org.

E. Filimonov told about his Internet blog for English-speaking audiences dedicated to East European history and culture.

Y. Franquien told about the life and work of ornithologist B. P. Yakovlev (1881-1947), the first director of the Museum of the Manchuria Research Society in Harbin (1923-1931) and researcher at the French Museum in Tianjin.

Z. Gradova encouraged active participation in the activities of Fort Ross State Park. She reported about artist P. Tchelitchew’s collection.

The full version of this article appeared in “Russian Life”,
Newspaper, October 16th, 2010, #14082 (tel. 415-921-5380)