Музей русской культуры в Сан-Франциско начал проект с Instagram


July 18th, 2019 is the date The Museum of Russian Culture has originated the Instagram account project russianmuseum_sf
It was a courtesy of a volunteer and at that time recent graduate from the University of San Francisco (BA in Media Studies & Mass Communications) — Alua Jumabayeva supported by museum staff member Larisa Andreev.
Alua: The Museum of Russian Culture caught my attention the moment I first came to visit, just out of curiosity. The very diverse and intelligent team of volunteers working at the Museum impressed me with the magnificent range of specialists across such disciplines as civil engineering, physics, interpretive translation, and many other interesting backgrounds- all bonded by the love of Russian history.
I have always had a passion for history myself and decided to contribute to the museum by establishing its online presence, hence my BA in Mass Communications.
The museum holds very important and rare exhibits that deserve to be shared with the whole world.
At first, we created our page just for ourselves and didn’t expect much interest from the public. We are a non-profit organization, so we don’t have marketing money to perform paid promotions. However, after several months of sharing our content online, we have noticed that many people find our account themselves and reach out to seek specific information, archived documents, etc. The Instagram account project has become a permanent activity that requires the efforts of 4+ museum volunteers daily. We strive to deliver rare, informative content and assist everyone who reaches out to our Museum by Instagram or Facebook.
We have found this project especially useful and forward-thinking right now, during the global pandemic. The inability to perform many tasks in person, due to the pandemic, drives our team to adapt our work to 100% remote and online activity.

Alua Jumabayeva is a reader, writer, photographer, and cinephile. She graduated from the University of San Francisco, with a BA in Media Studies, and is currently based out of Almaty, Kazakhstan. With the journalistic background of covering stories about photography, history, animation, and movie making, she now oversees multiple media projects in the US, Canada, and Kazakhstan. In her free time, she photographs, discovers cozy coffee places, and shops for plants in hopes of one day making her apartment a secret botanical garden.

Alua Jumabayeva