Victoria Lashkareff’s Donation


During the spring of 2013 the Museum of Russian Culture received as a donation the paintings of artist Victoria Lashkareff. Several of these works were first displayed in connection with the Russian Orthodox feast of Easter. Now they are located in the Museum’s exhibition hall.

Victoria spent her childhood and youth in Yugoslavia. She studied painting in Europe and Latin America.

Her husband, Alexander Lashkareff, possessed a wonderful bass voice and performed successfully with symphony orchestras in both the Old World and the New.

Victoria Lashkareff’s personal exhibitions were held in art galleries in San Francisco, Saratoga, Santa Clara, and Carmel, as well as at Stanford University. Many of her works became parts of private collections.

An essay about this marvelous painter has been published in the newspaper “Russian Life”-San Francisco,
15 June 2013 & 12 October 2013 .