Friends of the Museum Meetings

1st Meeting. Jul18, 2009
- N. Koretsky, M. Meniailenko, Y. Franquien: the system of storage, the principles of systematizing and inventorying stored materials, and the Museum’s projects and problems.
- N. Sabelnik: gift – a unique album cover “2d Army Headquarters 1915-1916”

2nd Meeting. Nov14, 2009
– Y. Franquien: lawyer A.Ya. Slobodchikov.
– Z. Gradova: neo-romantic artist P Tchelitchew.
– M. Meniailenko: publications of DP (end of the 1940s).

3rd Meeting. Dec12, 2009
- N. Koretsky: the start of scanning archival materials.
- A. Gansa: catalogs of Russian postcards.
- L. Tremsina: collection of the Association of Izhevsk and Votkinsk Veterans.
- Y. Franquien: a group photograph of barristers discovered in the collection of A .Ya. Slobodchikov.

4th Meeting. Feb 27, 2010
- N. A. Koretsky: scanning status, thanks to Irina and Nicholas Dragomiretzky.
- M. Menialenko: architectural encyclopedia by G.V. Baranovsky (from V.A. Planson).
– Y. Franquien: a group photograph (mission sent to China by Ataman A I Dutov) and a document personally signed by Admiral A.V. Kolchak.
– Y. Franquien: gift – an album of rare postcards devoted to Vladivostok.
- G. V. Kumansky: gift – an original copy of the 1904 Imperial Manifesto of Emperor Nicholas. II

5th Meeting. Jun 5, 2010 – photos in RL pdf only
- I. Dragomiretzky: valuable acquisitions to be transferred to the Museum archive.
- Y. Franquien: additions to the P.F. Tchelitchew’s collection.
- Z. Gradova: the creative works of A. Gefter.
- Y. Franquien: personalities next to Admiral G.K. Stark on a group photograph.

6th Meeting. Oct 8, 2010
- Maria Sakovich: Russian entrepreneurship in San Francisco in the 1920s-1930s.
- S. Marechek: site-specific proxy for updating the website
- E. Filimonov: Internet blog for English-speaking audiences dedicated to East European history and culture.
- Y. Franquien: ornithologist B.P. Yakovlev (1881-1947).
- Z. Gradova: artist P. Tchelitchew’s collection.

7th Meeting. Jan 29, 2011
- N. Bogdan: the long journey from “White Lake” to Beijing (Ukhtomsky-Nazarievs).
- L. Tremsina: the memoirs of General Staff Major General P.P. Petrov.
- S. P. Petrov: own view on his father’s career.
- Y. Franquien: large-sized pictures from the eve of the Russo-Japanese War.

8th Meeting. Apr15, 2011
- L. Tremsina: archival material collected by G. Kumansky.
- M. Meniailenko: collection of articles “Depositories of Russia Abroad” (San Francisco, 1954).
- N. Hidchenko: gift – rare Russian pre-war editions from Shanghai and Harbin.

9th Meeting. Jun 11, 2011
- M. Meniailenko: trip to the East Coast.
- N. A. Koretsky: E E Ukhtomsky’s “Journey to the East of His Imperial Highness the Heir Tsesarevich, 1890-1891”.
- Y. Franquien: the Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago and the Polish Museum of America.
- Y. Franquien: photos of officers of the Siberian Flotilla auxiliary cruiser “Orel”; unique albums ( ward-room).
- M. Meniailenko’s: a manuscript excerpt of Alexei Remizov (collection of A.S. Loukashkin).
- G.B. Pishenin: gift – two perfectly preserved First World War posters.

10th Meeting. Oct29, 2011
- N. A. Koretsky: the database of Russian graves.
- K. Stakhovskaya: music collection dedicated to the work of Dmitry Agrenev.
- E. Danielson: respect for archives existing in pre-revolutionary Russia.
- M. Meniailenko’s: interview with Baron E.A. Pfalz-Fein (Epanchin family).
- N. & A. Hidchenko: gift – rare publications that traveled Shanghai – Tubabao – Buenos Aires – San Francisco.
- A. Sheremetova: gift – a number of valuable archival materials.

11th Meeting. Mar10, 2012
- Elena Danielson: the ethics of an archivist.
- L. Tremsina: collection “Russian Emigration in the Far East”.
- N. Ananeva: activities of the Russian Operetta in San Francisco.
- N. Hidchenko: gift from A.D. Kochnev (Alex D Kennedy).
- N. Hidchenko:gift – editions of Shakespeare (1902) and Byron (1904), issued in St Petersburg).

12th Meeting. May 19, 2012
- Y. Franquien: фотоколлекция «Западный фронт Императорской Российской армии во время I Мировой войны».
- Helene Kolosovich: коллекция писем Великой княжны Марии Александровны.

13th Meeting. Sep 15, 2012
- Y. Franquien: archive of A.S. Loukashkin (1901-1988).
- Larissa Andreeva: a replica of Plaque No 14 of Possessions of the Russian-American Company.
- E. Elsner: gift – a life buoy with the inscription “Officers’ Wardroom San Francisco”.
- I. Dragomiretzkaya: some recently received books.

14th Meeting. Apr 6, 2013
- N. Hidchenko: gift from A.D. Kochnev.
- Y. Franquien: the Kochnev Family Collection (scans made by N. Dragomiretzky).
- Y. Franquien: collection of Russian periodicals published in China from 1904 to 1948.
- T. Savina: collection of poetry manuscripts.
– Video: filmed in 1949 by B. Klingenberg – the life of Russian refugees on Tubabao Island.

15th Meeting. Dec14, 2013
- V. Kustova: archive of M.A. Shouliakovsky.
- Y. Franquien: three books prepared with his participation.
- E. Ivannikova: the banner of the Simbirsk Corps of Cadets – from Simbirsk to San Francisco.
- A. Zabegalin: gift – a collection of O.A. Skopichenko’s poetry.

16th Meeting. Mar 29, 2014
- Anna Ivanovskaya: collection of the censor Count P I Kapnist.
- Mikhail Tolstoy: a choir director and conductor V F Kibalchich.
- A .A. Kondrashov: gift – a unique photograph of the family of General N.P. Zlobin.

17th Meeting. Aug 23, 2014
- F. Zeibot’s: the NTS collection.
- G.V. Kumansky: gift – the video recording of the Russian “Freedom Rally” (1980, San Francisco).
- E. Ivannkova: the activities of I. Ogurtsov.

18th Meeting. Oct 18, 2014
- Y. Franquien: gift – watercolors and sketches, by the Anatolio Sokoloff.
- E. I Yakoubovsky-Lerke (née Brajnik): the Russian High School in Paris.
- L. Andreeva: the restoration work on portraits of Emperor Nicholas II and Alexandra Fedorovna.

19th Meeting. Feb 7, 2015
- Lada Tremsin: update on the memoirs of Colonel Avenir G Efimov (1888-1972) publication.
- Valeria Kustova: collection of icons produced by Alexandra Dabbert.
- Yves Franquien: a paper on the history of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco (1853-1924).
- Michael Tolstoy: four previously unpublished autographs of Alexander Vertinsky.

20th Meeting. Apr 25, 2015
The 20th (Jubilee) meeting of the Friends of the Museum and Archive was devoted entirely to a lecture by a guest from Prague.
- Anastasia V. Koprshivova: “Russian Émigrés in Czechoslovakia during the Interwar Period”.

21st Meeting. Oct 31, 2015
- I. Podvalov: материалы Ивана Алексеевича Колюбакина.
- Larissa Andreeva; предметы материальной культуры Российской Империи.
- N. Hidchhenko gift – напрестольное Евангелие.
- A. Zabegalin: gift – афиша, вероятно, 1960х-1970х годов.

22nd Meeting. Dec 5, 2015
Exactly 70 years ago the Russian Historical Archive Abroad had been transferred from Prague to the USSR.
- Lukáš Babka (director of the Slavic library) presented a talk on the history and current activities of the Slavic library.

23rd Meeting. Mar 26, 2016
- Yves Franquien: ancient engraved maps of Russia executed by European master cartographers.
- Valeria Kustova: portrait of an unknown subject, which the Museum received several years ago.
- Lena Samsonova: authentic Russian musical culture.
- Lena Samsonova and Masha Medvedyeva: an excerpt from an ancient polyphonic folk song.

24th Meeting. Oct 8, 2016
- Andrei Svensson: “Memoir of a White Russian” (Boris Kuminov).
- Tatiana Makht: historical painting- the cycle “Tsarist Russia”.
- Galina Epifanova: The Great Tea Road.

25th Meeting. Nov 21, 2016
26th Meeting. May 6, 2017 (Commemoration of 100 years of Nicolas II abdication)
27th Meeting. Oct 7, 2017
28th Meeting. Nov 18, 2017
29th Meeting. Mar 24, 2018
30th Meeting. May 12, 2018 (Museum’s 70 Years Jubilee)
31st Meeting. Jun 18, 2018
32nd Meeting. Nov 10, 2018
33rd Meeting. Feb 9, 2019
34th Meeting. May 4, 2019
35th Meeting. Oct 26, 2019
36th Meeting. Feb 8, 2020